Exploring Inner Space [Why do this?]

Inner Space Consulting can serve as a guide along the path.  These are some examples of the focus areas that we can explore.

Developing a reflective/expansive deepening practice that fits who and where you are right now.  This could be based upon meditation, an art form, connection to nature, etc.

Learning to modulate and understand your non-ordinary experiences—those that appear to involve realms beyond the world of concrete reality.

Deepening your inner knowing of the mystery of death—our own or others.  This includes exploring the meaning of “reincarnation.”

Making choices and setting direction for your own spiritual path/deep beliefs.

Transforming anger or hurt into compassion for others/yourself.

Clarifying the meaning and purpose of your life—an important part of living to the fullest.

Understanding the spiritual aspect in relationship.

Connecting with your deep inner wisdom, your Higher Self, or your spirit guides.

Exploring the meaning of dreams and the messages they bring from within ourselves and beyond.

Your individual needs may not be represented here.  Feel free to ask for a clarification mini-session so that you can assess whether this is a fit for you.

 Inner Space Consulting is not limited to any particular religion or spiritual practice.  There are hundreds of “spiritual paths”, formal and informal, organized and individual. All views are welcome.