Inner Space Consulting

We all have within us a natural longing to move towards a merging with our greater Self—also known as the All-Self.  Most of us have had moments/glimpses (“experiences”) of this.  They can take many forms such as those involving the natural world, a close relationship, or a spiritual opening.  The word “bliss” is often associated with such a moment, but the incident can also be overwhelming, frightening, or just simply puzzling or disconcerting.

The individual experiences can be seen as a challenge.  They invite contemplation, a search for meaning, and an adjustment of one’s understanding of the nature of reality and truth.  To meet this challenge requires awareness, application, and, sometimes, guidance.  

A simpler, quieter, more deeply meaningful and more consistent sense of being connected to Self can result.  Surprisingly, adjustments in one’s inner space often seem to lead to reflected changes in our everyday life.