About Amy (Uma)

Amy Louise Miller, Ph.D. was in private practice as a Psychologist for more than 30 years.
She has degrees in Psychology from Brandeis University, Harvard University, and Lancaster University (UK).  She was Certified as a Facilitator of Holotropic Breathwork in 1990 with Stanislav Grof. In addition, Amy has received training in Family Systems, Child Development and EMDR.  She is a long-time student of Advaita Vedanta.

She enjoys doing artwork, kirtan (sacred chanting), and growing flowers.


“Amy (Uma) is no stranger to inner space. Her decades of personal search, study, practice, application, and experiences in a variety of areas gives her not only a wealth of tools, but much insight into the nature of being human and the diversity of our myriad life adventures."  VR

"I have had a life-long often-strained relationship with a sibling.  Now I am feeling maligned, accused, insulted, and threatened.  I am having great difficulty getting these messages out of my mind: it disturbs my sleep, it dogs my thoughts.  Amy has been my refuge and my salvation, she reinforces my desire to do good in the face of this onslaught and to act without vengeance.  She is helping me to escape the words in my head and to get to a better, more enlightened place and I believe I will find the Peace that has been eluding me.  Thank you, Amy"     T Frances